Fisher Services Ltd.

          Reconditioned Gearboxes
  Gearboxes can be reconditioned and refitted to your MGA, MGB, V8, MGC or Midget

Our price includes:         

•Removal of engine and gearbox
•Removal of the overdrive unit from the gearbox
•Reconditioning of gearbox
•Reattachment of overdrive unit

•Refill with the correct oil
•Refit the complete unit to car
•Refill radiator with anti-freeze/summer coolant
•Road test

Prices for parts:

From £450.00

Labour cost to fit: Please Call

MGA:                       £.00
MGB:                       £.00
MGB V8;                  £.00
MGC:                       £.00
Midget:                    £.00

All prices exclude V.A.T.)
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