Fisher Services Ltd.

            Rust Prevention
  We use Waxoyl to protect cars from rust, which is especially useful during winter when the damp conditions make them particularly vulnerable    
  Prices start from £200.00 
For an exact figure, please call
  (Above:) The vehicle is masked up before spraying takes place    
  (Below:) Wheel arches are cleaned prior to to under body seal, with added Waxoyl applied    
  The benefits of Waxoyl:

•Protects against stones, water and salt
•Proven corrosion resistance
•Remains flexible - will not crack or peel
•Non-drip super smooth application
•Free from gritty and abrasive particles
•Prolongs your vehicle's life
•Reduces drumming and road noise if applied inside the door panels and under floor panels
•Powerful rust inhibitors based on the proven Waxoyl System displace moisture and seal the surface, reducing corrosion to give lasting protection