Fisher Services Ltd.

            Servicing and Tuning
  Our full comprehensive service includes over 50 checks      
  Price for MGB and Midget:      
£199.95 including V.A.T, parts and labour
  Price for MGB V8 and MGC:      
  £150.00 labour, excluding parts and V.A.T      
  Price for MGF:      
  £69.95 (oil and filter only), including parts and labour, excluding V.A.T      
  £128.50 (full service) labour, excluding parts and V.A.T      
  For all other models, please contact us for a competitve price      
  What our service and tuning consists of:      
  •Renew engine oil and filter
•Renew air cleaner elements
•Top up carburetor piston dampers
•Check/adjust carburetor idle speed and mixture settings
•Check/adjust ignition timing
•Check/adjust valve clearance
•Renew fuel line filter
•Examine cooling and heater systems for leaks
•Check/top up cooling system
•Check/adjust operation of screen washers and top up reservoir
•Check driving belts, adjust or renew
•Lubricate accelerator control linkage and pedal pivot
•Check operation
  •Renew spark plugs
•Lubricate distributor
•Renew distributor points
•Check/adjust ignition timing and distributor characteristics
  •Check/top up gearbox oil
•Check/top up clutch fluid reservoir
•Check/top up rear axle oil
   Steering and Suspension:      
  •Check for oil/fluid leaks
•Check condition and security of steering, unit, joints and gaiter
•Lubricate king pins and king pin lower links
  •Visually check hydraulic pipes for chafing, leaks and corrosion
•Check/top up brake fluid reservoir
•Check/adjust foot brake and handbrake operation to manufacturer's Specifications
•Inspect brake linings/pads for wear - drums/discs for condition
•Lubricate handbrake, mechanical linkage and cables
•Clean servo filer element
  •Check function of original equipment, i.e. interior/exterior (Lamps, horns, windscreen wiper and warning indicators)
•Check/top up battery electrolyte
•Clean and grease battery connections
•Check windscreen wiper blades
   Exhaust, Fuel and Clutch Pipes:      
  •Check exhaust system for leakage and security
•Visually check fuel and clutch pipes and unions for chafing, leaks and corrosion
   Wheels and Tyres:      
  •Check tyres for tread depth
•Visually check for cuts in fabric, exposure of ply or cord structure, lumps or bulges
•Check/adjust tyre pressures, including spare
•Check tightness of road wheel nuts
  •Complete chassis check over
•General exterior check over